Selling products with selectable feature values

There is an option to offer online store visitors the choice of desired product parameters, rather than a plain list of product SKUs, to allow them to add a certain product variant to the shopping cart. Here is an example of how such choice options might appear in the storefront:

Depending on your design theme, such product parameters selection options may look differently—either as drop-down lists or as button groups.

How to set up

  1. Add one or more product features with the “Multiple values selection from a list” format in section “Settings → Product types & Features”.
  2. Enable the availability of editing of those features’ values in the properties of product SKUs and visibility on the website.
  3. Go to “Products” section, create a new product and enable the “Selectable parameters” option.
  4. Select the feature values which you want to make available for customers as selectable product parameters.
  5. Complete the base values of the purchase, compare, and sales prices, which will be applied by default to all SKUs based on the selected feature values.
  6. Save the product. SKUs for it will be automatically generated from all combinations of selected feature values.
  7. If necessary, edit the properties of each generated SKU—prices, availability for ordering in the storefront, photos.
In SKU properties you can only select photos uploaded for the entire product under the “Images & Video” tab.

Done! Open the product’s page in the storefront to check how your visitors will be able to select its parameters to add corresponding SKUs to their shopping carts.


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