One-stage and two-stage payments

By default, Shop-Script supports one-stage payments for orders. But you can enable two-stage payments in some payment plugins’ settings.

Two-stage payment is available for online payments by bank cards.

One-stage payment Two-stage payment
A customer pays for an order, and the money is at once transferred to the seller’s account. A customer pays for an order, but the money is not immediately transferred to the seller’s account. The paid money is “suspended” between the customer and the seller.

The paid funds are transferred to the seller’s account only upon capture. Or they might return to the customer’s account in case of a cancellation.

How to capture an authorized two-stage payment

The capturing of a two-stage payment is usually available in your seller account on the payment gateway’s website.

Some payment plugins also offer the option of payment capture within the Shop-Script backend. Use the “Capture payment” action on the order page.

If you have a reason not to capture a payment, cancel it. This option is also available in your seller account, or on Shop-Script’s order page via the “Cancel payment” action, if supported by a payment plugin.

“Capture payment” and “Cancel payment” actions are available when an order is in the “Payment is authorized” status. An order is automatically transferred to that status when a payment gateway sends a special request, also known as callback, to your store to inform you of an authorized payment.

Notifications setup for two-stage payments

Select these events when setting up email or SMS notifications for two-stage payments:

  • Payment authorization: “Payment authorized” event.
  • Payment capture: “Order payment was captured” event.
  • Payment cancellation: “Order payment was canceled” event.


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