Courier shipping

To offer your customers courier shipping, use a plugin, which you need to install via Installer app.

1. Install the plugin

In your store’s backend, open Installer app. Use the search field to find the Courier plugin.

Open the plugin details page and click “Install

2. Add a shipping method in Shop-Script settings

Open Store app’s “Settings → Shipping” section and use the “Add shipping option” menu to select the installed Courier plugin.

Complete and change the settings values:

  • Enabled. Enable this checkbox to make sure this shipping option is available to customers during the checkout.
  • Shipping option name. It is visible to customers during the checkout.
  • Logo URL. It is visible to customers during the checkout.
  • Taxable. If necessary, select tax rule set up in section “Settings → Taxes”. The selected tax rule will be applied only to orders shipped to the regions for which the tax rule has been set up.
  • Additional order picking time. Enter a period of time in hours, which is required for your store’s staff to prepare an average order for pickup by a courier. This time will be taken into account to show the information about the order ready time during in-cart checkout. If a courier usually picks up an order on the next day, save here value 24.
  • Description. It is visible to customers during the checkout.
  • Offer shipping to customer types. Select the type of customers to whom this shipping option should be available—only to persons (individuals), only to companies (legal entities), or to both customer types.
  • Shipping region. Select a country and region to which this courier shipping option should be offered. If you need courier shipping to be available only within certain localities, enter their names, separated with a comma, in the provided text field.
  • Address fields management. Select the desired option to request address fields from customer during the checkout, which depends on the values selected in the “Default address fields” setting.
  • Default address fields. Select the address fields which must be completed by customers when courier shipping is selected during the checkout.
  • Additional address fields. Enable additional address fields to be requested from customers such as entrance number (e.g., for condominiums), intercom number, or floor number. Each of these additional fields must associated with an address field which you can set up in the “Contact fields” section of the Settings app.
  • Maps. Select an online maps service to show customer’s address on the printable packing list form. Set up the connection to online maps services in the “Maps” section of the Settings app.
  • Shipping rate calculation. Select how the courier shipping rate must be calculated—either by the order total amount or by its weight.
    • Currency. Select the currency in which it is most convenient for you to enter shipping rates.
    • Rates. Add as many shipping rates as you need, with corresponding threshold values of the order total amount or weight. Each shipping rate will be applied to an order as long as the order total amount or weight is not below the corresponding threshold value and is below the next threshold value.
  • Weight dimension unit. Select the most convenient weight measurement unit.
  • Delivery time. Select the period of time within which your couriers will have to deliver orders to customers. Read provided hints to select the best option for multi-step or in-cart checkout.
  • Average delivery time in hours. Enter the number of hours which is usually required for you to prepare an order for delivery by courier, if you have selected “Add specified time in hours to the order ready time” for the “Delivery time” setting.
  • Preferred delivery time & working schedule.
    • Request preferred delivery time. Enable to offer your customers the choice of a convenient delivery time interval; e.g., 10:00 through 12:00 or 16:0 through 18:00. Add as many intervals as you need.
    • Request preferred delivery date. Enable to offer your customers the choice of a convenient delivery date. The delivery date selection occurs via a calendar field.
    • Delivery days. If you have set up preferred delivery intervals, select on which days of the week courier delivery must be available. Set up additional workdays and days off using the settings below.
  • Extra days off and Extra workdays. Select extra days off and workdays which should be applied to the main working schedule of your online store to define the available delivery dates by courier.

Save courier settings.

Done! Courier shipping has been set up in your online store, and customers can from now on select this shipping option during the checkout.

Packing list

The Courier plugin generates a special printable form called Packing list. You can open it on an order-viewing page and print it out.

A packing list contains all the information that a courier usually needs for the order delivery—order number and contents, payable amount, customer’s name and address, their comment to the order, and a map to show the address for faster delivery.

Plugin usage tips

How to add preferred delivery date and time to order notifications

If a customer has selected a preferred delivery date and time, you can add those data to order notifications by adding these lines of code to notification templates:

Preferred delivery date

In yyyy-mm-dd format; e.g., 2001-12-31.


In format; e.g., 31.12.2001.


Preferred delivery time interval

In xx:xx-xx:xx form; e.g., 10:00-12:00.



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