How to add different photos for product’s SKUs

If a product has multiple SKUs, and they are visually different from each other, then you can show a different photo for each of the SKUs in the storefront.

How it works

A customer opens a product page and can see that there are multiple SKUs to choose from. While selecting an SKU after SKU a customer can see how the main product photo is updated.

How to set this up

  1. On a product-editing page, select “Images & Video” tab and upload photos for different SKUs.
  2. Open the “Basics” tab.
  3. In the SKU list, expand detailed SKU settings using “More” links.
  4. Select an appropriate photo for each SKU.
  5. Save the product.

Done! Now your visitors can select different SKUs on the product page and will see a correct photo for each SKU.


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