Mobile app fails to connect to my online store

If your online store’s server is misconfigured, you may get the “Unable to connect to store” error when trying to connect the mobile app to Shop-Script.

How to eliminate the connection error

1. Check API address availability

The mobile app connects to Webasyst API at a URL like Instead of must be the URL at which you have Webasyst installed.

Open the API address in a browser. It should show the following text:

    "error": "invalid_request",
    "error_description": "Required parameter is missing: access_token"

This means that the API address is available for external requests.

If you cannot see it in your browser, then the mobile app most probably has no access to the API either. This might happen, for example, if you are using nginx as the web server, whose configuration lacks some important entries. Change its configuration using this tested example.

2. Check SSL certificate settings

If the API address is accessible but the mobile app still will not connect to your online store, and if you have an SSL certificate installed on your domain name, then check the certificate. You can do so by using various online services, which you can find by a search query like “online SSL checker”.

If a checking service shows that an intermediate or root certificate is missing, then install them on your web-hosting server. Or have them installed by the hosting company’s support team.


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