How to create discount coupons

Coupons are a way for an online store owner to offer discounts to their customers.

How to create a coupon

  1. In section “Marketing → Settings → Discounts” enable discounts by coupons.
  2. In section “Marketing → Discount coupons” add a new coupon.
  3. Copy the automatically generated coupon code or edit it as you like.
  4. Change their parameters—the number of uses and the expiration date. If you do not need these limitations, leave these fields empty.
  5. Select product groups to which you want a coupon to be applied. If you do not need to limit a coupon to a certain product group, then leave “All products” option selected by default.
  6. Save coupon settings.
  7. Publish the coupon code in your ads or send it to your customer personally.
  8. Tell your customers about how to use a coupon. A customer has to enter it to a text field on the checkout page.

How to create a coupon for an arbitrary product group

Above is described how to create a coupon for one of standard product groups such as a category, product set, or product type. You may also select any other product group of your choice to which a coupon must be applied:

  1. In “Products” section select any products using checkboxes.
  2. Click “Discount coupons” link on the right.
  3. A coupon-adding page will open, with “Selected products” option enabled and a link to the products which were selected for this coupon.

After saving, a coupon will be applied only to selected products.

How to offer free order shipping to customers

Coupons can also be used to offer customers free order shipping rather than an ordinary discount. To use this option, select “Coupon type → Free shipping” in coupon settings.


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