How to change URLs of products and categories

URLs of products and categories on an online storefront can be generated differently. You can choose a URL type you like most.

For convenience, each URL type has a name. In the URL examples shown below, bold formatting highlights the part editable in individual product or category settings. Underlined are URL parts that are identical for all products or categories, and cannot be changed.


  • Product URLs: /category-name/subcategory-name/product-name/
  • Category URLs: /category-name/sub-category-name/


  • Product URLs: /product-name/
  • Category URLs: /category/category-name/sub-category-name/sub-sub-category-name/


  • Product URLs: /product/product-name/
  • Category URLs: /category/category-name/

Select a URL type in “Storefront → Settings → URLs” section.


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