Selling products with services

Services are used in Shop-Script for shoppers to be able to add extra value to a product being ordered. That extra value may be available for payment of free of charge, i.e. keep the original product price unchanged.

Here are examples of what can be made available as services:

  • gift wrapping as replacement for ordinary wrapping,
  • extra equipment; e.g., a spare charger for an electric device,
  • extended warranty, probably with selectable options; e.g., for another 1, 3, or 5 years.

How services work

With services, the checkout occurs as follows:

  1. A shopper adds a product to the cart and selects the desired services.
  2. If a service offers several options, a shopper must make a choice.
  3. If a shopper selects paid services, their prices are added to the original product price.

  4. A shopper open the cart page to proceed to the checkout.
  5. On the cart page, there is also an option to select, or unselect, services for added products.

Setting up services

Open section “Products → Services” and click “New service”.

Edit new service’s properties:

  • Price. In one of available currencies or as percentage of the price of a product the service is available for.
  • Options. If necessary, add several options for shoppers to select from, each with its own price.
  • Products and product types. Select product types for which the service must be available. You may also specify individual products regardless of their type — start typing their names and select the desired products from the live-search results.
  • Taxable. Decide how a tax must be calculated and applied for a paid service:
    • Inherit from product: a tax is calculated exactly as for the products the service is available for.
    • No: not tax is calculated.
    • According to one of tax rules set up in section “Settings → Taxes”.

Save service properties. From now on it is available for all selected products and product types.

Products’ custom service prices

The prices specified in common service settings can be overridden for individual products and each of their SKUs.

Custom service price setup

  1. Find a product in section “Products” and open its editing page.
  2. Open the “Services” tab on the product-editing page.
  3. Enter a custom price of a service to be applied to the selected product only.
  4. If necessary, enter custom prices for the product’s individual SKUs.


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