A shipping or payment method is not available during checkout: how to fix

  1. In section “Storefront → Settings” check whether the particular shipping or payment method is enabled for the selected storefront.

  2. In sections “Settings → Shipping/Payment” check whether the shipping or shipping method is enabled at all.

  3. If the issue occurs with a payment method, check the selection of shipping methods under heading “Limit this payment option only if one of the following shipping options is selected” in the payment method’s settings.

  4. If the issue occurs with a shipping method, check that a customer’s address matches the shipping plugin settings. The use of some shipping plugins; e.g., Courier can be limited to selected countries and regions. If you have the country selection list disabled in the address form in your checkout settings, then select a default country so that it is applied by default to all new customers and is correctly taken into account by shipping plugins.
  5. If the issue occurs with a shipping method, then check whether you have a product feature of type “Weight” with code weight set up in your store settings, with non-empty values saved for it in individual products’ properties.


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