How to hide a product from storefront

Change product status, type, or stock value

Method 1. Make a product hidden

Links to hidden products are not visible to online shoppers. To view a hidden product, one must know its direct URL.

To make a product hidden, select “Hidden” in section “Products → [product] → Basics”.

Method 2. Change product type

Displayed in a storefront are product belonging to the types selected in section “Storefront → Settings”.

Change product type to the one which is not selected there.

If you have only one product type at all, add one more type, for products to be hidden, in section “Settings → Product types & Features”.

Make sure this new type is not selected in storefront settings and assign this type to the product which must be made hidden.

Method 3. Set zero stock value

Shop-Script storefront settings allow you to hide zero-stock products.

Select option “Hide out-of-stock products” for setting “Out-of-stock products”.

And change the stock values of product’s SKUs to 0.

Use CSV file import to quickly update various properties of multiple products.


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