Repairing broken data

Online store’s data may sometimes get corrupted because of errors in the online store itself or in its plugins. Some types of corrupted data can be repaired.

To do so, add parameters ?module=repair&action=action_id to Shop-Script’s backend URL. Replace action_id with the ID of the certain repair action which must be executed.

You must have the administrator access level to Shop app to be able to execute commands described in this article.


Paste the URL with extra parameters into the address bar of your browser and press Enter. Wait until a confirmation message appears denoting a completed action.

productStocks #


Deletes excessive database records about products’ and SKUs’ stock counts for deleted stocks. Those records are not used and may interfere with the normal operation of the online store.

productCounts #


Updates stock counts for products based on the stock counts of their SKU’s. This may be necessary, if products’ visible stock counts do not correspond to those of their SKU’s.

categories #


Repairs subcategory nesting errors, which may appear as non-functioning category tree in backend “Products” screen.

featuresSelectable #


Restores the selection of feature values to generate product SKU’s in “Selectable parameters” mode.

productRemoveFeaturesSelectable #


Deletes useless database records about feature values, which are used to generate product SKU’s, from the products table. Such features can be associated with product SKU’s and not with a product itself. This repair action can be useful, only if your products are being sold in “Selectable parameters” mode.

cleanupFeatures #


Removes useless database records about feature values associated with products rather than their SKUs. Useful to fix the displaying of incorrect feature values which are not available in product-editing mode.

sort #


Restores correct sorting of various elements:

  • plugins
  • product SKU’s
  • product types
  • product features and their values
  • import and export profiles

sku #


Restores correct selection of products’ default SKU’s.

emptyPath #


Deletes excessive empty subdirectory for user data of Shop-Script app in wa-data/ directory. Those empty subdirectories are not used and only occupy server disk space with useless meta data.


With parameter all=1, empty subdirectories for user files are deleted for all installed apps, not only for Shop-Script.

thumb #


Restores lost files in wa-data/ directory, which are necessary for automatic generation of product and promo card image thumbnails.


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