Importing product images via CSV file

There are two ways of importing product images from a CSV file: by URLs of image files located on any web server or by names of image files located on the server where Shop-Script is installed.

Method 1. Import by URL

If there are image file URLs in the images column in your CSV file, then all such images will be downloaded from the provided URLs during import.

Method 2. Import by file name

If there are only file names of product images in a CSV file, then such image files will be copied from the directory on the same server, which you must specify on the import page as shown below.

It is convenient to use File manager tool in Site app to upload product images for import.

With the file manager, you can upload files only to wa-data/public/site/ directory or its subdirectories. For more convenience, create a separate subdirectory and upload into it all product image files to be imported into Shop-Script.

All image files must have unique names. Files with equal names will overwrite each other during the upload, and only one of such files will be finally saved on the server.

Add the names of uploaded files to the appropriate products in your CSV file.

Uploaded the CSV file in backend section “Import / Export → Import products from CSV”.

Click “Advanced settings” link.

For settings field “Product images import local path” select the main directory containing image files that you have uploaded via “File manager” tool in Site app, i.e. wa-data/public/site/.

In the text field on the right type the name of the subdirectory you have created for your files.

Continue importing a CSV file as usual.


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