Bulk uploading of product images in Shop-Script

If you are preparing new products for adding them to your catalog and have a collection of product photos on your computer, Shop-Script will help you to upload all your images at once and quickly assign them to selected products. During the upload images can be automatically grouped so that each image group will be uploaded for one product. Bulk image uploading feature is available in backend screen “Import/Export → Bulk image upload”.

If your browser supports drag&drop of files then you can use this feature to easily upload images from the Windows Explorer (or a similar file manager available in your operating system). If it's not supported, use the button in the center of the page.

To ensure that selected images are automatically grouped by product, their file names must match a certain pattern: they must begin with the same text string followed by an optional dash or underscore character, and a group of digits.

Examples of file names which are grouped by product

With a dash

With an underscore

Without a dash or underscore before the group of digits at the end

When you upload any set of images with file names matching one of these patterns, such images will be automatically grouped so that you can attach each group to a separate product. Such image grouping is shown in the picture below:

If you notice that images have been grouped incorrectly (suppose you have made a mistake in renaming them before upload), you can simply drag&drop an image from one group to another one.

Attaching image groups to products

In order to upload an image group to a certain product, begin typing its name in the text field to right of the image group. If there is no product with the name containing the specified search string, choose “New product” to create a new product to which that image group will be attached upon uploading.

Once you have selected products for all available image groups, click on “Upload images” and wait until all images are uploaded to the server.


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