Web push notifications on new orders

In Shop-Script, as of version 7, you can set up and enable web push notifications to quickly learn about new orders. Web push notifications appear directly on your computer screen, and you do not have to look into your backend to read them.

Web push notifications will only work, if your Shop-Script is available via https://. An SSL cetificate for your domain name is required for that.

These notification work in most browsers but not in all of them. Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Mac OS X. The full list of supported versions is available on the documentation page.

Web push notifications are sent via OneSignal service. Occasional delays may occur in its operation; therefore, some notifications may be shown to you not immediately but in a few minutes.

How to set up web push notifications

  1. Install an SSL certificate for your store's domain name.
    In Webasyst Cloud, you can order an SSL certificate via Cloud app.
  2. Open OneSignal website and sign up for an account using “Sign up for free” button.
  3. Upon signup, open “All apps section and click “Add a new app”.

  4. Enter any name for your app.

  5. Select Website Push platform and click Next.

  6. Choose your browser: Google Chrome + Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari, and click Next.

    For Google Chrome and Firefox, enter the HTTPS address of your website and save it using the button at the bottom.

    If your browser is Safari, then select it instead and click Next.

    Type your website or company name and the HTTPS address of your website without trailing slash. Save these settings.

  7. Click the cross in the right-top corner to close the app configuration dialog.
  8. Go to section All apps and click your app name.

  9. If you are using Safari, then copy the Web ID value.

  10. In section App Settings → Keys & IDs, copy the OneSignal App ID and REST API Key values.

  11. Open Shop-Script backend via the https:// URL which you specified in OneSignal app settings.

    Open "Settings → Checkout" section and enable "Web push notifications" setting.

    Complete settings fields using the values copied from OneSignal app properties.

    Save Shop-Script settings.

How to enable web push notifications

Open Shop-Script backend via the https:// URL which you specified in OneSignal app settings.

In “Orders” section, enable "Web push notifications" checkbox.

If you open your backend at the http:// address rather than https://, then the web push notification option will not be available.

Done! Enable web push notifications on every computer where you ant to receive them.


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