Couriers & mobile app

Using the Shop-Script 7 mobile app, you can provide special limited access to orders for your couriers assigned to delivering those orders.

How it works

  1. Set up couriers. In your main, not mobile, Shop-Script backend, proceed to section "Settings → Couriers". For each courier that you work with add a separate entry in that section. When adding couriers, you may enter either their real names or nicknames.

    If typing a courier name finds an existing contact from your Contacts app, you may select the found contact to bind it to the courier. This binding is optional and is of no real importance.
  2. Tell couriers their auth codes. Upon saving a courier, an auth code is automatically generated; e.g., 1-2345-6789. Such an auth code will be used as a password by a courier to log into limited backend to manage assigned orders via the mobile app.
  3. Select couriers when processing orders. Every time when you mark an order as "Delivered", you can select one of your couriers from a list.

  4. Couriers can start processing their orders! Each courier must install the Shop-Script mobile app on an Anrdoid- or iOS-powered smartphone. At the very first time, a courier should enter your storefront URL, select the special courier login mode:

    and enter his auth code:

    These data must be entered only once, because they are automatically saved in the app memory. When opening the mobile app next time, a courier will only have to select your storefront URL to process orders, i.e. mark them as delivered to customers.

  5. View order processing history by courier. On the courier-viewing page in section "Orders → Couriers", click on "All courier orders" to view the processing history of all such orders by courier. Order filter by assigned courier is also available in section "Orders".

Processing of completed and deleted orders by couriers

If you have assigned an order to one of your couriers and then marked the order as completed or deleted it; e.g., by mistake, then the courier will continue to see and work with the order during 24 hours via the mobile app after that. You will also be able to see information about courier's actions on the order in your main backend.

Should an order be not restored from "Completed" or "Deleted" state within 24 hours, then the courier will no longer be able to see or work with that order.


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