Real-time shipping quotes calculation with UPS using Shop-Script

Shop-Script allows online merchants to enable UPS real-time shipping quotes in their stores as described in this article.

1. Signup for a UPS account

Apply for an end-user UPS account by following the instructions provided at

Upon signup you will be emailed a developer key. The developer key allows access to the UPS documentation and is required to retrieve a UPS Access Key. The Access Key is necessary for Shop-Script 5 to be able to communicate with the UPS web services.

Log into your My UPS account on the UPS website and request an XML Access Key using the developer key you have received.

2. Setting up shipping method in Shop-Script

Install shipping plugin “UPS”. To do so, open the Installer application, navigate to section “Plugins → Shipping”, and click on the “Install” button next to the name of the “UPS” plugin.

Open “Shop” app's section “Settings → Shipping” and use the “Add shipping option” link to select the “UPS” plugin.

In the plugin settings page, enter the desire title and description as they should appear in the storefront.

Enter your XML Access Key, UPS User ID, and UPS password in the provided setting fields.

Complete other setting fields to your liking.

Finalize the setup by clicking on the “Save” button.


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