Shop-Script changelog

The very first version of Shop-Script was released back in 2002, and the current sixth generation is the most robust and sophisticated in the entire project's history.

История Shop-Script

Shop-Script 5 and Shop-Script 7 version history: December 12, 2018
  • Fixed defect in previous update. December 11, 2018
  • Passing of online store's workdays and business hours of current week based on “Working schedule” settings to design themes. To correctly display the working schedule, a design theme must support this feature.
  • Fixed parsing of order IDs with different order ID format setting values.
Design theme “Default”:
  • Expandable “Business hours” block to display a working schedule for current week based on online store's settings.
  • Fixed main title on customer online account login page. November 27, 2018

Bug fixes:

  • Export of orders by plugins.
  • Saving of product category description with selected HTML editing mode.
  • Minor PHP errors. November 23, 2018
  • Fixed deletion of image badges for all selected products in a list.
  • Fixed adding of excessive parenthesis in ordered items’ names. November 21, 2018
  • New login & signup during checkout.
  • Working schedule settings.
  • New in-cart checkout option:
    • Dynamically updated checkout page integrated with the shopping cart, with support for various user devices.
    • Flexible settings per storefront.
    • Displaying of discount information by order item.
    • Passing of order ready time to shipping plugins.
    • Selection of customer types, contact fields setup, use of shipping and payment plugins.
    • Grouping of shipping options by “courier”, “pickup”, and “post”.
    • Option to view all available shipping options before completing all contact fields.
  • Option to link custom order action to default ones.
  • Option to disable or enable payment for selected order statuses.
  • Option to perform actual online refund for “Refund” action.
  • Order items sorting for backend, shipping cart, and printable forms.
  • Passing of order dimensions to shipping plugins.
  • New settings “Additional order picking time” for shopping methods for calculation of order shipping time. Only for in-cart checkout option.
  • Revamped product category creation and editing user interface.
  • Option to create copies of shipping methods.
  • Improved “Product types & Features” section.
  • Backend improvements and bug fixes.
  • New hooks for plugins.
  • Transition to PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.2 support. August 1, 2018
  • Improved first setup wizard interface.
  • Fixed error in “Contact customer” function for PHP versions 7.1 and above.
Design theme “Default”:
  • Minor improvement of the shopping cart page interface. July 31, 2018

Improved first setup wizard.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed calculation of zero shipping cost during checkout.
  • Fixed SQL query error when setting up recommendations using “Yes/No toggle (boolean)” type product features.
  • Fixed “Cheat Sheet” for shipping_params_desired_delivery variable array available in order parameters.
  • Fixed adding of “Cheat Sheet” code for new notifications in section “Settings → Notifications”.
  • Field type in the database for storing page HTML code changed from TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT.
  • Fixed error of updating the contents of an <h2> tag in product subpage WYSIWYG text editor.
Improvements in order creation and editing in backend:
  • Eliminated removal of the decimal part of a fractional product cost during order editing.
  • Eliminated resetting of the shipping cost to default value.
  • Fixed and improved displaying of a selection shipping method option name and comment.
  • Saving of an order with products which have run out of stock.
  • Hints for products whose names have changed by the time an order is being edited.
  • Account for product discounts, provided by plugins, for order tax calculation.
  • Fixed displaying of desired delivery time if a customer has not specified desired delivery date.
  • Fixed selection of a value of one of several required “radio” type custom address fields during order creation.
  • Changes made to a customer’s shipping or payment address are saved in an additional address item in a customer’s contact.
  • Fixed saving of an order after selection of a different SKU of an order item during order editing.
  • Fixed displaying of shipping options available for a customer’s address when adding an order in backend.
Design theme “Default”:
  • Fixed error in updating customer’s shopping cart-related information after adding related products, displayed on the shopping cart page, to the shopping cart. May 10, 2018
  • Added displaying of “compare at” prices of product SKUs in order-adding and editing screens in backend.
  • Fixed displaying of a selected shipping option and its description in order-viewing screen in backend.
For developers:
  • Added hook image_generate_thumb to generate image thumbnails using plugins.
  • Changed processing of hook image_upload by plugins to occur before image dimensions are saved to database. April 26, 2018
  • Improved displaying of products’ images and prices and generation of links to product SKUs in listings and categories in the storefront. For each product in a listing, its displayed SKU is determined depending on current filtering conditions. A displayed SKU is looked up in the following order:
    1. Main SKU if it satisfies current filtering conditions or if no such conditions are applied.
    2. SKU with the lowest price among those matching filtering conditions.
    3. For each product in a listing, the following properties of its displayed SKU are shown: price, compare price, image if selected in SKU settings and if it’s not the main SKU, otherwise product’s main image is displayed.

      If the displayed SKU is not the main SKU, then parameter ?sku= with SKU ID is added to the product link URL.

  • Parameter “Product URLs in categories” removed from storefront settings.
  • Fixed updating of order total amount during order editing in backend. April 20, 2018
  • Fixed displaying of compare prices in product categories in the storefront.
  • Fixed simple product search mode in the storefront. April 20, 2018
  • Fixed displaying of shipping address on order-viewing page in backend.
  • Fixed displaying of order currency for orders created via backend.
  • Fixed product sorting by “in stock” field in search results in backend.
  • Fixed displaying of information provided by shipping plugins on order-viewing page in backend.
  • Fixed rounding of product prices in categories in the storefront.
  • Fixed displaying and updating of shipping cost during order editing.
  • Fixed generation of product URLs in static categories with storefront setting “Product URLs in categories: Using main SKU”.
  • Fixed calculation of profit upon order creation in backend.
  • Fixed displaying of product prices in the storefront with the use of discount calculation plugins.
  • Eliminated saving of negative discount values in order log upon order editing.
  • Eliminated excessive duplication of customer address upon order editing. April 17, 2018
  • Fixed displaying of customer shipping address on order-viewing pages in backend, with shipping address fields disabled in checkout form settings.
  • Added storefront setting “Product URLs in categories” for the generation of product URLs in categories to take SKUs with minimal price into account. By default, previous product URL generation mode is used, which always takes main SKUs into account.
  • Fixed order comment editing in backend.
  • Fixed displaying of product prices in categories if prices have been saved in different currencies. April 17, 2018
New features:
  • Customer source editing in order properties.
  • Use of CAPTCHA choice from Installer settings.
Improvements and bug fixes:
  • Removed excessive re-calculation of shipping cost upon editing of customer’s contact information.
  • Added checking of a courier’s access rights to an order in API methods.
  • Automatic skipping of too large files during the re-generation of product image thumbnails.
  • Restoring of lost files required for on-the-fly generation of product image thumbnails.
  • Automatic adding of a CRON job for order follow-ups in Webasyst Cloud.
  • Displaying of available limits for “range” type feature values in product category filter fields.
  • Filtering by features clones of products created in “Selectable parameters” mode.
  • Product sorting in category filter results.
  • Displaying of prices and generation of links to SKUs in product category filter results.
  • Improved smart product search.
  • Improved order editing in backend.
  • Displaying of national domain names written in Punycode in order selection list in order notification settings.
  • Customer signup during a repeating order.
  • Availability for ordering of a product with infinite count on one stock and zero count on another stock.
  • Availability of the button for adding a product to cart with different stock and storefront settings.
  • Optimized setup for connecting to OneSignal service to receive web push notifications on new orders.
  • Availability Доступность настройки push-уведомлений о заказах в браузере Safari 11.0.3.
  • Displaying of feature values of a clone of a product created in “Selectable parameters” mode in a storefront.
  • Routing of product pages with the use of multiple storefronts and product categories.
  • Deletion of logo URLs in shipping and payment methods’ settings
  • Fixed user interface error in the selection of a size type in custom product image thumbnail size settings.
  • Fixed user interface error in the editing of a product feature previously selected for all product types.
  • Fixed errors on product reviews writing pages when authorized via Facebook.
Default theme:
  • Displaying of a category name on a product-viewing page if a product has been added only to one category. February 13, 2018
New features
  • New WYSIWYG editor for product and category descriptions.
  • New column with product-adding date for table view mode in backend.
  • New availability setting for address fields “All address fields required by selected shipping option including hidden completed fields” for the shipping method selection checkout step.
  • Extended order and customer editing API for new mobile app version.
Bug fixes
  • Customer signup failure during subsequent orders.
  • Interruption of the product image thumbnails re-generation on critical server errors.
  • Unavailability of saving large HTML code for custom product image badges.
  • Unavailability for ordering of an available product with individual stocks selected in storefront settings.
  • Non-functioning key shortcut Ctrl+S when editing product description HTML code.
  • Incorrect SKU image URL returned by shopping cart’s AJAX request with parameter items=1.
  • Non-matching shopping cart item names format returned by helper {$wa->shop->cart->items()} and shopping cart’s AJAX request.
  • Unavailability of disabled address fields when adding an order in backend.
  • Minor localization errors.
  • Requesting of required address fields by a shipping plugin when an order is created in backend.
  • Incorrect saving of selected service when changing product SKU during order editing.
  • Incorrect currency names localization in frontend’s currency selector.
  • Unavailability to order products available in stock.
  • Availability of adding-to-cart button with the use of a virtual stock if a product is available in ordinary stocks.
  • CSV file import error.
Mobile app (new version will be available in App Store and Google Play until February 16)
  • Order and customer editing:
    • Improved order menu with support for a large order action list.
    • Quick deletion of order items and editing of item quantity on order-viewing screen.
    • Order status change and comment adding on order-viewing screen.
    • Switching from order-viewing screen to the editing of customer information, shipping address, shipping parameters, order contents, discount amount, and shipping cost.
  • Courier access rights settings in Shop-Script backend:
    • Permission to edit order contents, discount amount, and shipping cost. A courier can change order status, shipping address in an order, except for fields “Country”, “ZIP”, “State”, and “City”, and other shipping parameters regardless of this setting’s value.
    • Permission to edit customers’ contact information via the mobile app.
  • Displaying of full product names above product photos.
  • Displaying of stock names and product counts on order-viewing screen.
  • Improved user interface and localization.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Duplicated shipping address.
    • Highlighting of old orders like new ones.
    • Unavailability of product images in the mobile app with redirect to HTTPS set up on the website.
    • Incorrect caching or product data.
    • Incorrect removing of a store setup without Internet access.
    • Connection to a store server via HTTPS with incorrect SSL certificates.
    • Resetting of search results after the editing of a found product and a return back to search results.
    • Unavailability of a store server during multiple product images upload. January 9, 2018 December 15, 2017
  • Fixed errors in sending follow-ups with different combinations of CRON setup and server operation modes.
  • Fixed error in enabling web push notifications on new orders. December 4, 2017
  • Improved design of plugin list for adding new shipping and payment methods. November 30, 2017
  • Fixed availability of feature values selection fields in product SKU properties. November 29, 2017
  • Improved support for national domain names written in Punycode.
  • Displaying of “Add to cart / Buy” buttons in frontend product listings depending on products' stock values.
  • Improved calculation of order discounts. Maximum precision of prices, discounts, and taxes has been limited to two decimal digits.
  • Optimized tag cloud in “Products” section in backend. If there are more than 100 tags, then the cloud is replaced with a live search field.
  • Improved quality of images added to store using bulk product image uploading function.
  • Added option to remove a “divider” type feature from a product which no longer belongs to a type supporting such features.
  • Disabled option to create static products subcategories within dynamic categories. Only dynamic subcategories can be created within dynamic parent categories.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Checkout error if shopping cart contains deleted SKUs with selected services.
    • All fields in contact information checkout form displayed to authorized users with variable contact field sets set up.
    • Incorrect order of features on product-editing page.
    • Visual defect in “Orders” section with displayed mobile app info block.
    • Redirect in frontend with 302 response code instead of 301 for product URLs based on its secondary categories’ URLs.
    • Excessive merging of contacts on email address confirmation.
    • Non-functioning adding of custom image dimensions in store settings.
    • Saving of negative stock counts when executing transfers in “Products” section.
    • Incorrect deletion of zero stock counts in “Products” section when using “SKUs” view mode.
    • Incorrect displaying of infinite stock counts when selecting an SKU during order editing. November 10, 2017
Minor improvements. November 9, 2017
  • Fixed passing of order items’ tax rates and their converted prices to payment systems. November 8, 2017

Bug fixes:

  • Sending of follow-ups on customers’ too old orders.
  • Saving of long time periods in follow-up settings.
  • Displaying of default promo blocks in storefront.
  • Saving of SKU images in cloned products.
  • Visibility of hidden “Value * Value* Value” type features’ values.
  • Rounding of product prices in storefront when set to be rounded to 1. November 2, 2017
  • Calculation of tax on shipping cost.
  • Rounding of service prices.
  • Improved storing and displaying precision of amounts expressed in currencies.
  • Improved processing of data when saving product descriptions.
  • Displaying of field IDs in checkout settings customer contact info form.
  • Improved updating of hint text about available bonus points on shopping cart page.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Added clearing of discount values for individual order items when common order discount is edited manually.
    • Passing of “no tax” value to shipping and payment plugins.
    • Saving of service prices during order editing.
    • Availability of extended customer properties in follow-up templates.
    • Availability of products’ URLs and other properties in follow-up templates.
    • Functioning of “Cheat Sheet” instructions available in order action notifications’ and design theme’s customer account templates editors.
    • Editing of customer properties when editing an order, without Contacts app installed.
    • Saving values of custom fields of type “checkbox” in customer properties when editing an order.
    • Hiding of links to deleted products on order-viewing page in backend.
    • Updating of customer bonus points on execution of order actions.
    • Functioning of Google map on order-viewing page in backend.
Default design theme:
  • Improved markup.
  • Fixed errors of adding products from lists published on info pages to shopping cart.
  • Fixed error of setting a rating value when adding a product review in a mobile browser. October 16, 2017
  • Event hook backend_order_print for plugins added to customer contact info block in printable order page version.
  • Fixed product selection by price in dynamic categories.
Mobile theme:
  • Fixed displaying of compare price on product pages. October 12, 2017
  • Optimized printable version of order-viewing page in backend.
  • Purchase prices in “Products” section have been hidden from users with read-only access to certain product types or to all products. October 11, 2017
Minor improvements. October 10, 2017
  • Optimized printable version of order-viewing page in backend.
  • Fixed tax calculation and discount update during order editing with installed discount-affecting plugins.
  • Fixed image saving error when editing a promo card.
“Default” theme:
  • Improved home page slider with new setting option “Products: last photo as background”.
  • Added clearing of messages about products added to the shopping cart.
  • Fixed displaying of product comparison link depending on the corresponding setting’s value.
  • Currency selector added to mobile version. September 19, 2017
Minor fixes. September 19, 2017
  • Added support for extra fields of shipping
  • Improved scaling of promo block images. July 6, 2017
  • Setup option for personal data protection policy consent elements added to store’s general settings for the product review publishing form.
  • Stock update setting extended with new option “Not updated by order actions”, which is supposed to be used when stock levels are managed only within an external accounting system. June 29, 2017
— Added checkout settings to show personal data protection policy consent options on the contact info and shipping selection steps. The new settings must be supported by the design theme. May 23, 2017
Fixed CSRF-related issues. May 11, 2017
Fixed design themes and plugins compatibility issue. May 10, 2017
  • Fixed increasing of a product’s stock count when its service is disabled during order editing.
  • Fixed non-restoring of an SKU’s stock count when it is switched to another SKU during order editing.
  • Fixed adding of too many blank lines to messages sent via “Contact customer” order action. April 19, 2017
No longer shows error in checkout when a product in the cart was deleted via store backend. April 11, 2017
  • API improvements for the mobile app.
  • Fixed error in updating SKU data with “Value × Value (× Value)” features values. March 22, 2017
Improved API for the mobile app. March 22, 2017 March 14, 2017
  • Added templates for notifications on order actions “Shipping details changed”, “A comment was added for the order”, “Order was settled”.
  • Fixed product stock level update when an order in a custom status is marked as paid.
  • Fixed calculation of the total amount for an order added in the backend, with a discount applied.
  • Improved API for the mobile app.
  • Fixed product‘s default SKU update via CSV file import.
  • On shipping option selection step during checkout, plugins now use the sort order of address fields defined in the store settings. March 6, 2017
New features
  • Option to select a courier in any order status by means of new action “Edit shipping details”.
  • Editing of order shipping date and time in backend.
  • Order sorting in backend by shipping date and time, and by status.
  • Option not to send follow-ups if selected order status has changed.
  • Reports: displaying of order list for manually selected time periods.
  • Category filters: search of products with price specified in currencies different from that selected by a customer in storefront.
  • Category filters: automatic update of specified price limit values on currency change in storefront.
  • Storefront settings: added “og:url” meta tag field.
  • Order editing: displaying of an error message if order contains a deleted SKU.
Mobile app
  • Shipping details, selected courier and date/time, displayed in order lists and in single order viewing screen.
  • Editing of order shipping details: selected courier and date/time. February 13, 2017
Bug fixes:
  • Feature values disappearing from product filter results in categories on page reloading in browser.
  • Some searched products missing in filter results in categories.
  • Stocks with unlimited SKU count not available for selection in order editing mode.
  • Incorrect functioning of stock update rules. February 3, 2017
— Improved order-viewing screen and its printable version in backend.
— Fixed embedding of ordered SKUs’ images in order notifications. February 2, 2017
— Fixed category filter functioning with “Yes/No toggle (boolean)” features used. February 1, 2017
New features
  • Follow-ups:
    • delay periods can be expressed in hours in addition to days
    • all available order states are available for selection, not only default “Paid” status
  • Option not to send order notification on an order editing, with such a notification set up in settings.
  • Sending of courier-related information in order notifications.
  • Export and import of products' default SKU selection values via CSV files.
  • Improved algorithm for stock level updates when deleting items or adding items to edited orders.
  • Improved algorithm for stock level updates after adding new or deleting existing stocks in settings.
  • Improved filtering of product SKU's in dynamic categories.
  • Improved redirecting to the storefront from payment gateway websites.
  • Fixed incorrect editing of products' stock levels values in product listing screen.
  • Disabled incorrect option to delete system order action “Contact customer”.
  • Custom order actions made available in addition to default ones for execution on multiple orders.
  • Fixed editing of custom order actions.
  • Fixed saving of product feature values in product categories.
  • Fixed default displaying of payer's and recipient's information in order notifications.
  • Improved handling of digits-only product tags.
  • Fixed handling of product service editing event with no services set up in the store.
  • Improved product filtering by an SKU feature value and price in filters and dynamic categories.
  • Improved filtering of products in dynamic product sets with “Compare at price is set” filter rule.
  • Fixed incorrect updating of customer's total orders value.
  • Fixed localization issues in order notification templates.
Backend UI
  • Improved order-viewing screen.
  • Fixed error in loading long order lists.
  • Removed outdated “Google project number” field from push notifications settings.
  • Fixed link to latest orders from product-viewing page.
  • Fixed displaying of error messages in order-editing screen.
  • Added disabling of order action buttons to avoid erroneous duplicate execution of order actions.
  • Fixed displaying of product images in sales reports.
  • Improved UI for entering SKU code and name values in product-editing screen.
  • Enhanced “cheat sheets” in follow-ups and notifications editing screens.
  • Improved orders sorting options menu.
  • Fixed links to products in “Stocks” screen.
  • Improved saving of custom category parameters containing HTML tags.
  • Fixed displaying of available stocks when adding a new virtual stock.
  • Fixed duplicate autocomplete entries in product search fields.
  • Added text captions for prices fields in product-editing screen.
  • Added automatic page scrolling on clicking tracking number editing icon in order-viewing screen.
  • Improved customers filtering.
  • Improved service-editing UI for multi-option services.
Mobile app
  • Courier's push notifications are sent only on orders assigned to that courier.
  • Automatically updated access rights for mobile app users upon editing their access rights in main Webasyst backend.
  • Exit option in store access confirmation screen for authorization with a different login name and password.
  • Displaying of custom address fields in order-viewing screen.
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of order amounts in different currencies.
  • For iPhone users, fixed adding of product photos and creating of a new message upon a tap on an email address in order details.
  • Fixed UI locale choice for app installation depending on current smartphone setup.
  • Content refreshing on app launch.
  • Visual highlighting of new orders. September 1, 2016
— Fixed loading of new items in backend order lists when filtered by order status.
— Fixed product search by SKU code in backend. August 31, 2016
Fixed errors & issues:
— Order sorting menu in “Date added” mode.
— Checkout error with a shipping or payment plugin deleted if settings of such a plugin were not removed.
— Incorrect URL of product images in email notifications on orders received via storefronts set up in a domain “subfolder”.
— Excessive update of products’ stock level control while editing an order in a custom state.
— Incorrect updating of courier order counter.
— Incorrect displaying of stock level quantities when those quantities were entered as a common value rather than individually by stock.
— Infinite redirecting on storefront product pages when a storefront was set up in a domain “subfolder”: e.g., at
— “Contact customer” action template editing error in mobile backend.
— Other minor improvements and bugfixes. August 10, 2016
— Fixed "No Internet connection" error in order actions menu in mobile app. August 2, 2016
— Fixed product "Buy" button widgets.
— Fixed incorrect NULL value of $product.category_id variable in frontend product pages.
— Fixed currency settings editor errors when used with memcached enabled. July 28, 2016
— Fixed infinite redirection on frontend product pages, when framework is installed in a subfolder of a domain.
— Fixed error reporting displayed upon checkout completion if web push notifications were not properly set up.
— Web push notifications are now properly sent even when orders are placed on storefronts with different domain names setup in the same backend.
— Sales channels added by plugins to order list sidebar now have proper human-readable names. July 26, 2016
Limited access for couriers to mobile app allowing couriers to process their assigned orders.
— New settings section for courier management and option to assign orders to couriers when executing "Sent" action on an order.
Web push browser notifications on new orders.
— Option to sort orders by creation date, update date, and payment date.
— Option to change the order of order action buttons.
— New rounding settings for total discount amount and shipping cost.
— Displaying of ordered products in sales reports.
— Option to sort product by individual stocks in backend section "Products → Stock".
— Option to hide a product feature from storefronts to make it visible in the backend only.
— Improved typography for design theme Default 3.0.
— Improvements in product-editing and plugin settings screens.
— Bug fixes in sending email notifications and in returning customers to correct storefronts after payment. July 26, 2016 July 25, 2016 May 23, 2016
— New plugin events: product_mass_update and backend_reports_channels.
— Other minor optimizations and bug fixes. May 19, 2016
— Compatibility issues with PHP 5.2 and 5.5 (issues with new order notification templates).
— Fixed conflicts with blocks editor in Site app. May 18, 2016
Mobile app for iOS and Android to enable convenient store management on the go:
  • Viewing of order and product lists
  • Push notifications on new orders
  • Last month sales report with store's main parameters: CAC, ARPU, LTV, ROI
  • Editing of product prices and stock level quantities
  • Adding of new products
  • Uploading of product photos directly from a smartphone.
Sales channels
  • System level support for accepting new orders from external sources in addition to those received from ordinary online storefronts
  • Product widgets "Buy" and "Add to cart" allowing you to publish and sell your products on any external websites or blogs
  • Additional filtering by sales channels in "Orders" and "Reports" screens.
Advanced stock level control
  • Points of sale and warehouses: new setting to enable or disable visibility for each of your stocks in the storefront
  • Virtual stocks: free grouping of stocks with the option to assign them a priority for product stock update
  • Advanced rules for stock updates: by customer region, selected shipping method, or other conditions, which can also be defined by plugins; in the previous versions auto stock updates could be set up only by storefront
  • Product transfers between stocks for easily moving products from one stock to another by using intermediate status "On its way"
  • Printing of transfer-related documents (implemented by plugins).
Sales reports
  • "Drill down" feature to view detailed statistics for individual segments in the main sales reports; e.g., filtered by individual traffic source, UTM campaign, or region; in the detailed view mode, complete list of orders included in the selected segment is displayed
  • Easily viewable comparison of all segments in the main report chart
  • In-stock assets based on purchase prices.
Useful features
  • New quick product editing mode for updating prices and stock quantities for individual SKUs on category listing pages without opening individual product-editing screens
  • Attaching of YouTube and Vimeo videos to products to be displayed in products' main photo galleries in the storefront and are included in the and Open Graph markup of product pages
  • Countdown timer for promo cards in the home page: simply enter the expiration date and time to start the timer
  • New beautiful templates for email notifications on order actions
  • Bulk printing of printable documents for multiple selected orders
  • Dynamic product sets with "compare at" prices specified for products' default SKUs
  • Order search by shipping tracking ID
  • System-level support for registering payment transactions received from external sources with the option of their post-processing and the merging of "unsettled" orders
  • Multiple backend user interface improvements and bug fixes. December 25, 2015 December 23, 2015
— Added option to display products' main SKUs in backend lists.
— Added option to use different store names in notifications sent for orders placed via different storefronts.
— Added loyalty program setting for limiting the amount of customer credit which can be used for paying for an order.
— In discounts settings, added option to select one of two available modes of recording discount calculation description in order processing history.
— Fixed price rounding errors.
— Other minor optimizations and bug fixes. November 27, 2015
— Added option to disable lazy loading in product lists in backend, to switch to simple pagination.
— Added frontend settings option to hide products with zero or negative stock count in categories and other lists.
— Improved product filtering by features, with SKUs which are not available for ordering taken into account.
— Improved discount calculation mechanism; added option to apply discount to individual items within an order.
— Fixed errors in product export to CSV file.
— Various minor bug fixes. September 29, 2015
— Added option to export and import custom parameters of products and categoies.
— Fixed errors of exporting products from subcategories of selected parent category.
— Other minor bug fixes. September 25, 2015
Some bug fixes. September 25, 2015
Support for Webasyst TV and several new dashboard widgets: sales by source, online store KPIs, customers, products.
Overall system improvements and minor bug fixes. September 4, 2015
Fixed a few anti-spam checkout filter incompatibility issues related to third-party design theme usage. September 3, 2015
— Anti-spam for checkout: integrated seamless anti-spam filtering for fraudulent orders placed by bots with optional protection using Webasyst Captcha or Google reCAPTCHA. Anti-spam filtering is optional and can be enabled in Settings > Checkout.
— Default 3.1.0 design theme: multiple visual improvements and tweaks, more settings for easier theme setup and customization.
— Minor bug fixes. August 3, 2015
Fixed a few minor bugs. July 31, 2015
Fixed a few minor bugs in follow-up messages (followupCli) and promo cards file upload. July 29, 2015
— Integrated user access rights validation for Sales and Orders widgets.
— Fixed a few minor bugs. July 28, 2015
— Design theme "Default 3.0": Completely revised look, new settings for storefront home page.
— New hook orders_collection to enable plugin developers to create custom order filters in store backend.
— Inline price editing enabled for products with one SKU directly in product lists.
— Added widgets for last month sales and current orders report, and last product reviews.
— In Customers screen added convenient option to send a message to all selected customers using a "Send newsletter in Mailer" button.
— Revised algorithm for generating file names of product image thumbnails, which preserves original file names for all thumbnails.
— Added option to edit message templates for "Contact customer" function in screen Settings > Order states > Contact customer
— Social networks: Added option to edit Open Graph descriptions for product pages, product categories, info pages, and the storefront home page.
— SMS follow-ups.
— New stock update setting allowing you to choose how the available maximum number of product items must be limited: either by main stock or by aggregate amount available on all stocks.
— Multiple server-side and UI improvements.
— Bug fixes. April 17, 2015
— Sales report: download chart data as CSV.
— Default storefront country setting is now used in the checkout instead of a customer's browser locale.
— Fixed a few minor bugs in product upselling and bulk product selection routines.
— Minor UI improvements.бавлена возможность скачивания March 30, 2015
Improved individual product profitability calculation method by taking order total discount into account.
Fixed dynamic category product filtering for products assigned to neighbour subcategories.
Minor tweaks and bug fixes. March 27, 2015
Fixed a bug of Processing order filter. March 27, 2015
Added product filtering setting in the "What to sell" report.
Fixed a few minor bugs in product features export routine and product pricing display for multi-currency stores. March 26, 2015
Minor tweaks and improvements. March 25, 2015
Fixed a few minor bugs reported by users. March 25, 2015
Fixed bugs: an error which occurred during product duplicating, birthday contact fields validation, profit estimation for products ordered with extra services. March 25, 2015
Fixed minor bugs in the checkout contact info validation and product META tags output. March 25, 2015
  • Completely revised "Reports" section: sales and profit with breakdown by traffic source and UTM campaigns, ROI, LTV, CAC, ARPU, AMPU metrics, cohort analysis, stock updates, sales forecasts, improved checkout funnel report.
  • Mini CRM: the ability to filter customers by orders and purchased products, shipping and payment types, etc.
  • A/B testing tools
  • Improved user interface in most backend screens (admin panel) including mobile mode view
  • User interface optimized for use on tablets
  • General improvement of navigation structure in design theme "Default 2.0"
  • Extended access rights setup system for backend users: new access rights level for editing products without ability to delete them, and access rights settings for the main backend screens
  • Creation of duplicate products
  • New APIs for managing orders
  • Product feature "separator"
  • Detailed discount information: discount calculation method is written to order history log
  • Automatic rounding of product price when converted from one currency into another
  • Automatic connection of orders placed by unauthorized shoppers to existing registered customers with the same email address (optional setting)
  • Multiple improvements of smart product search
  • Option to replace smart product search with simple search function
  • Full support for Retina displays in admin backend
  • Action "Message to client" on order-viewing page
  • Additional error handling during checkout; e.g., when user session has expired, etc.
  • Ability to add, delete, and change the visual appearance of custom order action buttons
  • Promo cards to publish special offers on the home page
  • Optional automatic alphabetical sorting of product categories
  • Support for Universal Analytics added to Site app
  • Welcome tutorial for beginners
  • All-new app icon December 3, 2014
— Added plugin hooks image_thumb, cart_add, cart_delete.
— Fixed minor bugs. November 26, 2014
— @2x icon sprite for Retina displays
— Improved backend UI display for iPad and other tablet devices
— Optimized product editing form for online stores with large numbers of product categories
— Minor improvements November 25, 2014
Compatibility with the latest Webasyst Framework 1.3.0 update:
— general user interface improvements of the app backend,
— Default 2.0 design theme fonts and navigation layout improvements. September 18, 2014
Improved caching routine and optimized storefront homepage response time.
Integrated logging of user and customer actions for Contacts PRO.
Fixed minor bugs. September 2, 2014

Compatibility update to support Webasyst Framework 1.2.3 update:

  • Re-imagined Default 2.0 design theme: new looks, improved user buying experience, better markup, new display settings, optimized HTML layout, and more.
  • A setting that defines store working hours which are displayed on the storefront (must be supported by design theme).
  • Minor bug fixes. June 3, 2014
  • Default 2.0 design theme improvements:
    — New user interface for selectable product features (alternative to <select>).
    — Multiple minor bug fixes and improvements of storefront display on mobile devices and IE.
  • New hooks: backend_customer, backend_order.aux_info, backend_settings_affiliate, frontend_my_affiliate.
  • Minor tweaks and improvements. April 30, 2014
— Fixed errors in design theme Default 2.0.
— Fixed minor errors in order editing.
— Fixed errors in product import from CSV files.
— Minor improvements in store operation. April 28, 2014
Bug fixes and improvements April 25, 2014
Fixed a few minor bugs in WYSIWYG editor and Default 2.0 themes. April 24, 2014
Bug fixes April 24, 2014
  • Brand-new basic design theme Default 2.0.
  • Reimagined product import from a CSV file: new UI, support for selectable-feature products <{}>, multiple improvements.
  • New WYSIWYG editor powered by Redactor.
  • @2x: Support for automatic product image thumbnail generation for high density pixel displays, e.g. Retina. Integrated @2x support into all basic design themes.
  • Product by-feature filtering now supports numerical and range features.
  • Product by-feature filtering now displays product price and automatically selects SKU depending on search criteria.
  • Added automated discount update on the order edit screen.
  • New hooks backend_order_edit, backend_order.info_section.
  • Fixed checkout flow report display bug.
  • Multiple improvements and bug fixes. February 14, 2014
  • “Checkout flow” report displaying information about the number of customers who have completed their orders versus those who abandoned their shopping carts, and at which checkout step they did so. The report is based on the data collected since the installation date of Shop-Script 5.2.0, which was released in December 2013.
  • Option to filter products by feature values added to dynamic category settings in addition to filtering by price and customer rating.
  • Added option to specify custom values of the weight property for individual product SKUs.
  • Support for variables {$name}, {$summary}, and {$price} added for TITLE and META tags of products.
  • Stock update log enabled also for cases when no stock is set up in store settings; in previous versions, this log was enabled only for multiple stocks.
  • Option to enable secure (HTTPS) mode for checkout (/checkout/) and customer account (/my/) pages added to the settlement settings screen. Use of this option requires an installed SSL certificate for your domain name and helps ensure secure transfer of customer information during the checkout.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes. January 24, 2014
— Fixed a bug related to product stock information update for infinite (undefined) stock count values,
— Fixed a bug with color product feature type,
— Other minor bug fixes and tweaks. January 16, 2014
  • Fixed erroneous copying of product descriptions when multiple products were edited one after another.
  • Fixed error in product filtering in categories when different currencies were selected by customers. December 27, 2013
Minor tweaks and bug fixes. December 25, 2013
Product set embed dialog UI improvement, multi stock update bug-fix December 25, 2013
— Minor tweaks and user interface improvements.
— Minor bug fixes. December 23, 2013
Minor bug fixes and improvements. December 20, 2013
Fixed a minor error of order search by ID.
Some bug fixes. December 20, 2013
Updated theme.xml manifest file December 20, 2013

New features:

  • search of orders by customer name, email address, telephone number, and product names
  • advanced product search settings by various parameters with search index update function
  • manual sorting of product features in category filters
  • ability to perform bulk actions with orders in the table view mode
  • order filter by storefronts (if more than one storefront is set up)
  • option to specify service price as percentage of the product price as an alternative to fixed amounts
  • viewing of product stock updates per product (like a bank statement)
  • support for multiple senders which can be specified for different notifications and follow-ups sent by an online store
  • additional settings for several elements of the basic design themes added to theme settings screens to facilitate the changing of those elements' appearance by users
  • parameter "AJAX filter" added to the settings of basic design themes which enables category filters to display results without reloading the page
  • in basic design themes, if a product without a default SKU is being added to the shopping cart, a selection dialog is displayed to customers
  • large Sitemap files containing over 10,000 products are split into several smaller files
  • HTML tag with the rel="canonical" attribute added to product category pages
  • product image thumbnails updating function for the entire product catalog
  • new product feature types "color" and "divider"
  • viewing of a customer's orders in the Contacts app
  • customers merging function (available in Contacts app) which also combines customers' orders and other information
  • displaying of the estimated time when a product may run out of stock with the current sales rate maintained
  • installation of plugins directly within the online store's backend
  • option to change the type of a product feature
  • formatted output of telephone numbers
  • new plugin hooks: frontend_my_nav, frontend_checkout
  • multiple user interface improvements
  • performance improvements


  • import of products from a CSV file
  • improved calculation of profit with the purchase price taken into account on the date when an order is marked as completed
  • multiple minor bug fixes October 30, 2013
Fixed minor product subpage display bug. October 25, 2013
  • Thumbnails: added the ability to customize JPEG compression quality for thumbnail generation routine
  • Overall performance issues, bug fixes September 18, 2013
Misc improvements and minor bug fixes. August 30, 2013
Fixed error in sales reports. August 29, 2013
  • New field type “Checkbox” added to the checkout contact form settings screen.
  • Caching disabled for the shopping cart page.
  • Fixed saving of product features.
  • Fixed errors in the sales report.
  • Improved operation of method $wa->shop->categories().
  • Fixed erroneous adding of subcategories of a hidden parent category to the Sitemap file. August 5, 2013
  • Fixed error in function {$wa->shop->categories()}.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of plugin hook backend_settings_discounts .
  • Fixed error in importing product categories from CSV files which resulted in appearance of duplicate categories.
  • Fixed displaying of the “Compare at” price in cases when it is lower than or equal to the SKU's base price. August 2, 2013
  • Fixed error in processing callbacks of online payment systems.
  • Fixed error in retrieving shipping option list when creating or editing order in backend. August 2, 2013
  • “Include products from subcategories” parameter is now applied to backend.
  • Resizable left sidebar in “Products” backend screen.
  • Improved category settings dialog.
  • Fixed error in displaying subcategories of a hidden parent category.
  • Added new plugin hooks including backend_settings_discounts and order_calculate_discount for developing custom discount calculation plugins.
  • Minor bug fixes. July 24, 2013
  • Added option to display product categories in arbitrarily selected storefronts.
  • Added auto-redirection to payment service website upon checkout completion in the storefront.
  • Added hooks for plugin development: order_calculate_discount, category_save, category_delete, backend_category_dialog, backend_products; also new hooks for order processing actions: order_action.create,, etc.
  • Fixed error in the editing of orders containing products with zero stock count.
  • Fixed various errors in CSV file import function.
  • Minor bug fixes. July 18, 2013
  • Added new multi-dimensional types of product features: “Value x Value” and “Value x Value x Value” (for specifying screen sizes, packaging dimensions, or other similar values).
  • Improved handling of callbacks from payment systems: they are now logged to the order processing history.
  • For developers: in addition to method callbackPaymentHandler() available in payment plugins, additional methods for the following actions have been implemented: Cancel, Auth, Capture, Refund, Decline, Chargeback.
  • For developers: added possibility to select create product collections using product feature values (example of a collection hash: search/brand=Samsung).
  • Fixed displaying of products inside nested dynamic categories.
  • Fixed displaying of subcategory list in the parent category page in different storefronts.
  • Fixed visual defects in customer's online account in several design themes.
  • Fixed incorrect printing of large orders in Firefox and Opera browsers.
  • Fixed other minor defects. July 9, 2013
  • Added new product feature type “range”.
  • Fixed errors in the product features management screen.
  • Fixed errors in the functioning of the WorldPay payment module.
  • Fixed other minor errors. July 3, 2013
Optimizations, minor bug fixes & tweaks. July 2, 2013
Minor tweaks & fixes. July 1, 2013
— Facebook integration: a dedicated design theme for embedding Shop-Script 5 based storefront into Facebook as an iframe app (Facebook theme is available for free installation via Installer; see instructions on Shop-Script website for more info)
— USPS: real-time shipment tracking, automated shipping label printing for USPS Tracking, Priority Mail, Express Mail, First-Class Mail, Signature Confirmation Labels, International Shipping Labels
— New credit card processing plugin: WorldPay
— Product type & features screen optimizations
— Few new Shop-Script APIs for product management June 26, 2013
Minor bug fixes:
— product sorting in categories
— output of default SKU's stock information
— minor API tweaks June 24, 2013
— APIs for managing products and categories
— Overall improvements: automated product feature option values filtering based on category products contact, AJAX-based category tree for very large trees, minor tweaks and bug-fixes June 7, 2013

New shipping rate calculation and payment modules available for installation:

  • Authorize.Net SIM
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS

Fixed several minor errors. May 31, 2013
Minor tweaks in frontend themes CSS for better performance on iPad and in Internet Explorer May 30, 2013
  • Added 3 new design themes: Clear, Sidebar, Nifty
  • Improved payment plugins callback handling
  • Improved verification of in-stock balance and availability for ordering of products added to the shopping cart
  • Added plugin hook @backend_order
  • Various system-level optimizations and bug fixes May 23, 2013
  • Checkout: 1) Multiple improvements in the checkout configuration UI, 2) Contact form's Radio button improvements: a new configuration option which allows to hide certain contact form fields depending on the currently selected value, 3) The ability to disable contact form validation in the backend checkout (when order is placed by the store administrator on behalf of customer, e.g. phone order), 4) Terms of Service: a new setting of the “Confirmation” order step.
  • Default and CUSTOM theme improvements: 1) Minor CSS tweaks and bug fixes for Internet Explorer, 2) checkout.*.html template improvements related to handling of unexpected situations and uncommon checkout cases.
  • Bug fixes, multiple tweaks addressed to the overall stability improvement. May 6, 2013
  • Fixed checkout error in Internet Explorer 9 with "CUSTOM" storefront theme enabled.
  • Fixed error of adding products to shopping cart with "Selectable features" selling mode enabled. April 30, 2013
  • added support for Google Analytics transactions
  • added plugin for applying watermark images to newly uploaded product images
  • added shipping plugin “Store pickup”
  • added option to edit comments added to order
  • added field for saving custom product page parameters
  • in design themes DEFAULT and CUSTOM storefront style is changed according to the browser window width
  • added option to request address fields on the shipping method selection step during checkout, if customer has not yet specified the shipping address
  • improved address fields editing interface in checkout settings backend screens
  • descriptions of new helpers added to design editor's “Cheat sheet”
  • improved product search results filtering April 19, 2013
  • Added bulk product image uploading option with fast assignment of uploaded images to new or existing products.
  • Added product image import option using a CSV file.
  • Improved compliance of design themes to W3C validation standards.
  • One-page checkout option added to CUSTOM design theme.
  • Shipping modules have been updated to request missing customer address fields which are required for their operation.
  • Added option to select shipping methods available for each payment method.
  • Added visibility settings for shipping and payment methods, and for product categories, to be displayed in all or selected storefronts.
  • WYSIWYG/HTML editor added to product category description field.
  • List of variables available in templates of email notifications and follow-ups added to the message-editing area.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements. April 9, 2013
  • Fixed errors in product export and import from a CSV file including those relating to product tags and multiple feature values.
  • Fixed layout errors for Safari browser.
  • Fixed error of adding products to shopping cart with DEFAULT design theme selected and the “Selectable features” selling mode enabled.
  • Discount amount included in the tax calculation.
  • Reduced memory usage. April 5, 2013
  • Added product export to CSV file.
  • Added automated generation of product SKUs based on selected product feature values.
  • Price filter added to dynamic category settings.
  • Improvements for storefront design themes.
  • Minor bug fixes. March 29, 2013
VAT calculation bug fix. March 29, 2013
    Improved user interface for adding and deleting products from categories and static lists using menu items in the right-hand sidebar, and for easy assignment of tags to multiple selected products. Added printer-friendly version of the order-viewing page (accessible via the “Print” link). Added authorization option for registered customers available (as a toggle control in the contact info entry page displayed during checkout). Added option for changing category tree style in a design theme template: completely unfolded or only current branch unfolded. Backend interface improvements and fixed minor errors and visual defects. March 26, 2013
  • Added support for importing products from a CSV file
  • Added support for SMS notifications of various order processing actions; SMS messages are sent by means of plugins available in the "Installer" app ( plugin is available now)
  • Added ability to temporarily hide products and categories from the storefront
  • New frontend hooks added to storefront design themes: frontend_category and frontend_search
  • Numerous minor improvements and bug fixes March 19, 2013
  • Reports: the ability to adjust report timeframe
  • Import from WebAsyst Shop-Script: discount coupons and product codes import
  • Product reviews: new settings for limiting review posting for unauthorized users, and optional review submit form protection with captcha
  • Minor bug-fixes March 18, 2013
Minor bug-fix update. March 15, 2013
  • Added default option for Gravatar userpics
  • Fixed a few bugs related to the app operation in Opera browsers March 15, 2013
  • Support for Gravatar userpics
  • Bug fixes March 14, 2013
— Optimized storefront performance
— Customer registration option and authorized customer information block added to the contact info checkout page
— Improved contact page markup according to standards
— Minor bug fixes March 13, 2013
— Added new order filter “Processing” showing new, confirmed, and paid orders in one list
— Badge count: number of new orders is always shown on the main app icon
— Migration plugin: added option to preserve product and category IDs (useful for correct traffic redirection from old URLs of the form index.php?productID=# used in previous versions)
— Minor bug fixes March 12, 2013
— Improved order processing backend screens.
— Added extra screen for viewing selected order details with order list, optimized for mobile touch-screen devices.
— Option to select order action resulting in deduction of ordered SKUs from stock balance added to stock settings screen.
— Added new reports: sales, profit, top products.
— Added automatic generation of Sitemaps file for the storefront.
— In order-editing mode added option to select the stock to write off SKUs from.
— Added option to upload a file for each SKU which can be downloaded by customers upon order completion (digital products).
— Added “Brands” plugin for filtering products by brand in the storefront. A good example for writing your own plugin for Shop-Script 5.
— Added “301 redirect” plugin for redirecting traffic from (both ordinary and human-readable) storefront URLs of WebAsyst Shop-Script to storefront URLs of Shop-Script 5. Great for smooth transition from WebAsyst Shop-Script to Shop-Script 5.
— Improved data import from WebAsyst Shop-Script for “Migrate to Shop-Script” plugin.
— Bugfixes. March 7, 2013
— Affiliate program: bonuses for customers' own orders; discounts provided at the account of accumulated bonuses.
— Follow-ups: added optional sending of email notifications (e.g., for advertising purposes) after the defined period of time upon the order is paid.
— Added plugin hooks to most backend screens.
— Added product sorting setting for product lists in the storefront.
— In-stock information added to storefront product pages.
— Special offer products displayed as a slider (based on jQuery bxSlider) added to CUSTOM design theme.
— Bugfixes and overall optimization. March 1, 2013
— Default theme improvements: customer account, CSS for mobile devices, JS cart
— CUSTOM design theme for Shop-Script (installed via Installer app)
— Overall performance issues, bug fixes February 27, 2013
Added new discount types:
  • percentage of the current order total amount;
  • percentage of the sum of all customer orders.
Minor bugfixes. February 27, 2013
Updated "DEFAULT" design theme:
  • added more plugin hooks;
  • improved markup for better compliance with schemes;
  • fixed minor errors and added various visual improvements.
Added text field to save descriptive comments for discount coupons.
Fixed various errors in backend screens. February 25, 2013
— Added settings screen “Notifications” to set up email notifications of new orders, order status changes, etc.
— Added support for linked contact fields, whose values list depends on the values of other fields. Useful for choosing subway stations depending on the selected city in checkout configuration settings.
— Added authorization option via social media when leaving a review to a product in the storefront.
— Selected badge (e.g., “Bestseller”) is applied to all product images.
— Added payment module “WebMoney” (available for installation in the “Plugins” section of the Installer).
— Added new type of category and product page URLs: “Natural”. You can select it in your online store settlement settings.
— Added possibility to enter a “compare at” price for each SKU. “Compare at” price is displayed as strike-through text next to the ordinary price.
— Various improvements and enhancements of the design theme: upselling and cross-selling blocks, product ratings, lazy loading, etc.
— Minor bugfixes and improvements.