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PHP ecommerce framework with
best-in-class analytics tools

Shop-Script 6 is a PHP shopping cart platform that provides robust sales analytics tools right out of the box. Get your store profits up to the next level — Shop-Script 6 will show you where profits are really coming from.

  • ROI & LTV by traffic source
  • Built-in A/B-testing
  • Retention (cohort) analysis
  • UTM campaigns efficiency
  • Checkout funnel report
  • And so much more...

Free for developers. $249 for opening a live store.

PHP / MySQL / Smarty / jQuery open source code
Updated January 22, 2016, 7.50 MB
Installation instructions

Free for developers.
$249 for commercial use

Shop-Script 6 PHP ecommerce framework comes with fully open source code and can be downloaded and installed for free. The license price of $249 is required only for establishing a live commercial online store (one-time fee that enables you to run your store on your favorite PHP hosting).

Using Shop-Script 6 for development, evaluation, and demo purposes is absolutely free. Hosted cloud-based solution starts at just $9/mo with no license purchase required as well.

Best-in-class analytics tools.
It’s all about your profits

While other ecommerce frameworks and shopping cart platforms are designed mostly to publish products and process orders, Shop-Script 6 enables you to sell and analyze which of your sales channels are most efficient.

Retention analysis
Ecommerce metrics

Shop-Script 6 ecommerce reports will help you to evaluate the most important metrics for every online store:

  • ROI and profit by traffic source. Get to know which of your marketing investments pay back and which don’t. Enter the advertising costs per traffic channel and UTM campaign, and Shop-Script 6 will automatically do the rest.
  • Retention (cohort) analysis. See the exact picture of your customers retention and how well your sell to your returning customers. An amazing tool for tracking your business health.
  • LTV, CAC, and ARPU. Know all the crucial ecommerce metrics by every traffic source and UTM campaign: CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), and LTV (Customer Lifetime Value).
  • Checkout funnel. Convert more visitors to buyers buy optimizing your checkout flow and tracking it’s efficiency with the built-in checkout flow report.
  • A/B-testing. Experiment with your storefront content and layout to find your ultimate design. A built-in A/B-testing tool will automatically calculate profit for each experiment you run.
  • What to sell? Know your entire product stock net worth and see which products yield most of your profit.

Next generation ecommerce
is finally available

Shop-Script 6 shopping cart platform is powered by Webasyst PHP framework which means that Shop-Script will be much more than just an online store. Simply install new apps such as Blog, Photos, Hub, and Site, and a powerful ecommerce framework will turn into even more powerful and flexible CMS for building super complex and stunning sites.

  • Shop-Script 6Shop-Script 6
  • SiteSite
  • BlogBlog
  • HubHub
  • PhotosPhotos
  • ContactsContacts
  • MailerMailer
  • HelpdeskHelpdesk
  • ChecklistsChecklists
  • StickiesStickies

So why is this a next generation ecommerce CMS? Imagine if you could turn a CMS and an ecommerce shopping cart platform into a fully fledged communication and collaboration tool, plus an intranet and CRM tool at the same time? Managing online sales, publishing products and blogs, communicating with your team — all in one place. Shop-Script 6 and Webasyst are making this a reality. Browse Webasyst apps »

Webasyst CMS