Shop-Script 5

Emerging PHP ecommerce framework
that helps you increase sales.

Feature-rich PHP shopping cart solution & ecommerce framework developed in 2013—2014. One of the leading shopping cart solutions of Russia. Over 2500 live stores. PHP + MySQL + Smarty + jQuery

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Version as of December 3, 2014, 7.67 MB
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Beautiful UI.
Manage your online store with a joy

Manage product stock Online store product management Manage orders Online store reports

Over 50 ready-to-use extensions:
plugins and design themes

Shop-Script 5 ecommerce framework is integrated with most popular payment gateways and shipping carriers. New plugins are installed in Shop-Script backend as easy as new apps and games are installed on a smartphone — with just a single click. Browse extensions »

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.Net SIM
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • UPS

Shop-Script 5 cloud-based solution. Free for 30 days.

Quick start.
Import products in bulk easily

Import products into your online store

Shop-Script 5 ecommerce platform makes it easy to fill your storefront with products. Add products one by one in a web browser, import in bulk from a CSV (Excel) file, or simply drag-and-drop all images into your browser—Shop-Script 5 will instantly group images by name and create multiple products.

Easy to customize.
Lots of APIs and hooks

Customize your online store: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Smarty

Flexible for customization, Shop-Script 5 PHP ecommerce framework enables you to create online stores with user-defined workflow, offers lots of useful helpers and public APIs. Even more, we offer free access to Shop-Script 5 source code for developers and web designers. Get access to Shop-Script 5 private GitHub repository now.

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Powered by Webasyst

Webasyst framework

Shop-Script 5 is powered by Webasyst, an open source PHP framework (LGPL) for creating sleek multi-user web apps and for building websites. Webasyst offers a multi-app UI ready for integrating and designing your app, handles user authorization, access rights management, routing setup, and much more. Great for creating web solutions for businesses and teams.

Flexible design editor.
Full control over HTML and CSS


  {if $wa->user()->isAuth()}
    Hello, {$wa->user('name')}
    <a href="login/">Sign in</a>

Shop-Script 5 ecommerce platform offers a built-in web-based design editor, which enables you to freely customize the look of your storefront right in your web browser. Edit HTML/Smarty, CSS, and JS, add custom files to your design themes.

The framework automatically generates and updates sitemap.xml file based on the contents of your online store. The HTML markup of the basic design themes is HTML5 compliant (see validation results of the demo storefront).

Shop-Script history
"Over 12 years have passed since the release date of the very first version of Shop-Script 1.0. We have written the new Shop-Script 5 from scratch, using all of our extensive experience. During the development, we pursued the goal of creating the ultimate ecommerce platform for establishing online stores which will help people to improve online sales. Today, Shop-Script 5 is one of the leading PHP ecommerce frameworks in Russia, and in 2014 we are expanding Shop-Script worldwide!"

Vladimir V. Tuporshin Vladimir V. Tuporshin
Founder of Shop-Script project

Powers over 2500 online stores

Shop-Script 5 is one of the most popular PHP ecommerce frameworks in Russia used by more than 2500 online stores. See featured stores »

Download Shop-Script 5

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Fully featured Shop-Script 5 for development and testing purposes, or establish a demo online store. For setting up a commercial online store with Shop-Script 5, the purchase of a valid license is required.


Private GitHub repository

Free access to Shop-Script 5 source code for developers.

Shop-Script 5 cloud-based solution. Free for 30 days.