Shop-Script 6

Meet Shop-Script 6

PHP ecommerce framework with
best-in-class analytics tools.

Free for developers.
$249 for commercial use

Shop-Script 6 PHP ecommerce framework comes with fully open source code and can be downloaded and installed for free. The license price of $249 is required only for establishing a live commercial online store (one-time fee that enables you to run your store on your favorite PHP hosting). Using Shop-Script 6 for development and demo purposes is absolutely free.

Hosted cloud-based solution starts at just $10/mo with no license purchase required.

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Version as of April 17, 2015, 7.90 MB
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US $249. License is required for opening a live store.

GitHub Source code of Shop-Script 6 shopping cart software on GitHub:

Source code of Webasyst PHP Framework on GitHub:

To get access, if you see a 404 error, enter your GitHub user name on this page.

The most comprehensive analytics tools
among all today's ecommerce platforms

While other ecommerce platforms are designed mostly to publish products and process orders, Shop-Script 6 enables you to sell and analyze which of your sales channels are most efficient.

Cohort analysis

Cohort analysis

Cohorts are groups of customers who signed up or placed an order during a particular time span. Shop-Script 6 common cohort chart shows you the relative ratio of each cohort towards the total value. Using this report, you can see how and when your customers placed their first and successive orders, and how much profit they generated during the first, second, third week, etc.

Cohort analysis

Here is an example: Suppose that your online store has already been being advertised on Facebook for a long while. In February 2015 you invested $100 in the advertising, but got only a $60 profit from Facebook users. At the first glance it should seem that the ROI value in this case is as low as 60% thus proving this sales channel as inefficient and further investments as unreasonable. However, this conclusion might very probably turn out hasty and ultimately wrong, because too little time has passed and not all attracted users have had a chance to place an order. Using the cohort analysis tool you will see that the ROI for attracted Facebook shoppers was 60% only for the first month, 83% already for the second month, and 115% for a half-year. After a year of sales each dollar invested in advertising on Facebook would yield $1.88, i.e. the ROI value would actually be equal to 188%. This automatic analysis will precisely prove that the "intuitive" conclusion to stop investing in Facebook advertising as an inefficient promotion channel after one month of sales was incorrect.

A must-have for online marketers.

Profit, ROI, LTV, ARPU

Online marketing metrics

Shop-Script 6 reports will help you to evaluate the most important metrics for every online store:

  • ROI (Return On Investment). Enter the marketing and advertising costs per channel, and Shop-Script 6 will automatically calculate which of your investments pay back and which don't.
  • LTV (Customer Lifetime Value). The net profit generated by an average customer.
  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). Average expenses incurred for attracting each new customer.
  • ARPU/AMPU (Average Revenue/Margin per User). Average revenue/profit ratio per customer calculated for specified time period.
  • Profit. Net profit calculated based on total sales and product purchases prices taken into account.
  • Average Order Value.

Breakdown by sources and UTM campaigns

Reports by sales channels

Try different sources to attract new customers, conduct advertising campaigns, evaluate the ROI, and keep only the most efficient channels.

Shop-Script 6 reports will enable you to evaluate all key sales metrics individually per traffic source, UTM campaign, shipping & payment method, country & region, and landing page.

Checkout funnel

Checkout funnel

Keep track of how many shoppers complete their orders and how many of them abandon their shopping carts during checkout. A bright report chart will show you which checkout steps need optimization to improve the conversion ratio.

What is most profitable to sell?

Shop-Script 6 will tell you which products yield most of your profit. Enter the purchase price and the stock values for your items to obtain an exact calculation of the current stock amounts and the estimated time needed for selling them out based on the sales reports for several previous months.

What to sell online

Built-in A/B testing

A/B testing in Shop-Script 6

A/B tests used to be available only to advanced users who managed to find their way around their Google Analytics account settings. In Shop-Script 6 A/B testing has been simplified to the maximum extent possible:

  1. Create a new test directly in your Shop-Script 6 ecommerce store backend and obtain a code fragment for embedding in a design template or a website page.
  2. Add what you want to compare to the test code; e.g., images, text blocks, banners, etc.
  3. Start the test, wait for a while, watch the results in the main sales report.

Everything works right out of the box. You do not need to connect any external services or set up anything additionally. Shop-Script 6 will automatically count the results for each test variant.

Upgrade to Shop-Script 6

The upgrade from Shop-Script 5 is free!

All Shop-Script 5 PHP ecommerce framework users will receive an absolutely free update to Shop-Script 6.

New in Shop-Script 6

    • Completely revised "Reports" section: sales and profit with breakdown by traffic source and UTM campaigns, ROI, LTV, CAC, ARPU, AMPU metrics, cohort analysis, stock updates, sales forecasts, improved checkout funnel report.
    • A/B testing tools
    • Improved user interface in most backend screens (admin panel) including mobile mode view
    • User interface optimized for use on tablets
    • General improvement of navigation structure in design theme "Default 2.0"
    • Extended access rights setup system for backend users: new access rights level for editing products without ability to delete them, and access rights settings for the main backend screens
    • Creation of duplicate products
    • Product feature "separator"
    • Detailed discount information: discount calculation method is written to order history log
    • Automatic rounding of product price when converted from one currency into another
    • Automatic connection of orders placed by unauthorized shoppers to existing registered customers with the same email address (optional setting)
    • Multiple improvements of smart product search
    • Option to replace smart product search with simple search function
    • Full support for Retina displays in admin backend
    • Action "Message to client" on order-viewing page
    • Additional error handling during checkout; e.g., when user session has expired, etc.
    • Ability to add, delete, and change the visual appearance of custom order action buttons
    • Promo cards to publish special offers on the home page
    • Optional automatic alphabetical sorting of product categories
    • Support for Universal Analytics added to Site app
    • Mini CRM
Download source code

Version as of April 17, 2015, 7.90 MB
Installation guide

Buy a license

US $249. License is required for opening a live store.